Become the Master of Your Domain


Are you ready to become a freelance rockstar? Take your solo biz to the next level with vital support that will help you reach your goals.

Find the inspiration, motivation, and resources to help your business keep clients coming back time and time again. 

Learn strategies from like-minded individuals in your field, connect with other dynamic solopreneurs, and collaborate with your newfound tribe.

This mastermind group offers a combination of brainstorming, peer review and support in a group setting to create the success you want.

This isn’t your ordinary business mastermind group. This is corporate untethered.

Learn how to be bold, brave, and completely badass in this mastermind group designed for people just like you.

Who’s this Group for?

Freelance business owners who are eager to grow and ready to do the work necessary. It’s for those who are positive, authentic, and humble … those who want to be mentored and mentor others in return. Members are in similar situations, share common goals, and have similar levels of professionalism.

What’s the Goal?

To come together to gain support, collaboration, encouragement, motivation, accountability, and help with business challenges from like-minded solopreneurs. The virtual group is limited to six people to enable focused attention on each participant. Get questions answered, your work reviewed, and brainstorm ideas.

What Topics are Covered?

Each group sets the tone and chooses what they want to discuss each week. Dive deep for real progress. Common topics include:

  • Overcoming Fear: dealing with obstacles and pushing past comfort zones

  • Productivity Tips & Tricks: simple strategies that make a huge difference

  • Billing: rates, best practices, and getting paid what you’re worth

  • Diversifying Your Income: initiating supplemental revenue streams

  • Self-Promotion Strategies: advertising, marketing, social media & PR

What Happens When We Meet?

Each participant has a set amount of time to present what they’ve accomplished, what they’re working on, current challenges and what the immediate future holds. Sessions are interactive for members to offer suggestions, ideas and feedback. Weekly goals and status updates are shared for accountability. Step-by-step action plans are prepared to keep moving forward.

Group Guidelines:

  • Your commitment to the group is critical. Attend each meeting, stay for its entirety, and be an active participant.

  • Calls are limited to 90 minutes twice a month. Be respectful of others and their time by not interrupting, being invested and giving.

  • Information is shared in strict confidence. Participants must agree not to disclose any private information discussed outside of the group.

  • While the group serves as a sounding board, this is intended to be a positive, encouraging space. Be willing to give and receive constructive criticism.

  • The group’s effectiveness is determined by how much work you put in and if you treat it as a priority. Be committed. Be accountable. And be rewarded.

When & Where Does the Group Meet?

We meet for 90 minutes 2x/month for three months. (Groups may decide to continue on after three months.) Dates and times will be provided upfront. Members call in via Zoom, which offers video and/or audio conference call capabilities. Download Zoom for free. Each call is recorded for easy access in the future.

Mastermind Group Benefits:

  • Celebrate achievements and vent frustrations in a safe space

  • Brainstorm ideas for navigating current challenges

  • Get feedback on your work and/or business strategies

  • Achieve real progress with your peers looking out for you

  • Increase clarity and empowerment

  • Acquire a support group (great for those who work alone!)

  • Gain confidence in making decisions, knowing your worth, and more

  • Benefit from accountability checks and structure

  • Obtain a free PDF of 7 Steps to Becoming a Freelance Rockstar

  • Get exclusive access to a private Facebook group for ongoing feedback

What’s it Cost?

Transform into the successful business owner you desire to be! Create positive change by embracing new habits, new goals, and a new network. Shake things up and release your inner freelance rockstar. Invest in yourself for as low as $49/mo.

Treat your goals seriously and increase personal accountability. Get on the waiting list for when the next mastermind group begins!

Got questions? I’ve got answers. Shoot me a note, and let’s chat.