Embrace Your Inner Freelance Rockstar

Experts predict that more than 40% of workers will freelance in some capacity within the next couple years.

Are you ready?

Whether freelancing full-time or on the side, you’ve got to ensure you’re well-equipped with the tools needed to run a business. To succeed as a freelancer.

Julie is instrumental and essential to a successful freelancer, not only because she’s a visionary, but because she also serves as a tireless business evangelist and educator. Her enviable expertise provides a beacon of light to those needing diverse creative and business insight, leadership and guidance. As a go-to guide, Julie has provided pathways to creative folk and clients alike.
— Rick Stasi, Artist/Author/Performer

My Why

So many folks want to freelance, yet they’re not prepared. And, because of this, they get frustrated and quit before they ever see any sort of benefit.

I get it. Many of us went to school to learn our craft (writing, design, photography, etc.) but weren’t taught how to run a business … let alone how to do it successfully.

That’s why I created The Freelance Exchange. That’s why I developed my own college-level course, Freelancing 101, and teach as an adjunct professor at the Kansas City Art Institute. That’s why I’m a speaker, coach and advocate for all things freelance.

This stuff needs to be taught!

When so many of my fellow freelancers began asking if they could sit in on my classes I teach or the presentations I give, it just made sense to bring those lessons into the professional arena by way of coaching.  

Now, freelancers, independents, consultants, and creative solopreneurs of all sorts benefit from the same savvy advice, best practices and industry standards.

Whether you’re contemplating making the jump, first getting started, feeling stuck, or needing a kickstart, I can help you:

  • set up your business

  • learn how to be proactive

  • power through challenging times

  • deal with difficult clients

  • diversify your income

  • get paid … on time!

  • and find success

Ready to embrace your inner freelance rockstar?


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