Rockin’ in the Free(lance) World

For more than 20 years, I’ve worked under the CopyDiva moniker on countless projects with ad agencies, design studios and businesses large and small, local and international. Recognized for my unique ability to create and/or maintain a brand voice for each individual client, I’ve had the pleasure of writing and proofreading for hundreds of clients and accounts along the way, including:

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I’ve concepted and written from the ground up, everything from establishing a brand voice and vision to mission statement and tagline. I’ve done one-off projects, entire multimedia campaigns, and participated on virtual agency teams. I’ve worked onsite and off, temporarily and long term. And I’ve written B2B and B2C in a variety of industries, including:

  • Real Estate: (Residential, Commercial & Land)

  • Development / Construction

  • Architecture

  • Telecom / Electronics

  • Education

  • Senior Living

  • Kids Marketing

  • Transportation

  • Engineering

  • Fitness

  • Beauty

  • Retail

  • Fashion

  • Service

  • Health Care

  • Insurance

  • Restaurant

  • Banking / Financial / Wealth Management

  • And many, many more


Julie has helped our agency with some major, fast-turn digital projects. The work is always thorough, accurate and on time. Having worked with a number of writers and proofers over the years, I can honestly say that Julie is one of the best!
— Mark Miller, VP/Creative Team Leader, Bernstein-Rein Advertising


In helping my clients meet their goals through results-driven copy, I’m able to see the big picture, manage deadlines, and work within all budgets and forms of media, including:

  • Branding (voice, tagline, mission)

  • Broadcast (TV spots, radio commercials)

  • Collateral (brochures, sales sheets, flyers, newsletters, annual reports, etc.)   

  • Content (blogs, articles, white papers) 

  • Direct Mail (letters, postcards, packages)

  • Email Marketing (single, campaign)

  • Event Marketing (before, during & after)

  • Online & Interactive (websites, landing pages, SEO)

  • Out-of-Home (posters, billboards, flyers)

  • PR (press releases, feature stories)

  • Print (magazine ads, newspaper ads)

  • Sales Promotion (catalogs, sales kits/folders)

  • Social Media (profiles, posts, ads)

  • Trade Show (booth messaging, pre- and post-promotions)

  • Video (concepts, scripts)

  • And More


My favorite thing to work on is the super conceptual, creative stuff. That's what gets me excited. That's the reason I got into this business … because there's so much bad advertising out there. If consumers are being inundated with sales messages left and right, don't we at least owe it to them to make it somewhat entertaining?


Of course, not all copywriters are proofreaders, and not all proofreaders are copywriters. I happen to be both. Creative and conceptual yet a word nerd at heart. I’m one of those who finds it oddly satisfying to mark up a document getting ready for final production. Word docs, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, annual reports, you name it … I’ve probably had my hands on it at some point in time. Because there’s nothing more embarrassing than having an error in a produced piece. I’m a follower of A.P. Style (as well as a company’s own style guide), yet an excellent rule breaker when the situation allows.


Julie’s an amazing strategic partner—not only for her expertise in copywriting but also for her strong ability to self-manage. She’s incredibly efficient at what she does, delivering exactly what the client needs on a timely basis. Her experience level brings maturity and stability to every project, and she’s so casual and cool to work with. Julie’s great for projects big and small … I’ve really enjoyed working with her!
— Mallory Hannah, Marketing Consultant,

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