The workforce is rapidly changing. Over 30% of the U.S. population currently freelances in some capacity. That number is expected to rise to 40% in the next year or so. And predictions show the majority of Americans will be freelancing by 2027.

The question is, are you ready?

Maybe you’ve felt the pinch already when trying to fill an open position. More and more people are choosing to work independently as opposed to a full-time job. 

It’s time to rethink the traditional work model. Instead of one full-time position, consider splitting it up for two or more part-time contractors. Why? Because this is the new normal.

Solopreneurs come in handy at other times as well, such as if an employee is out on vacation, maternity leave, or extended illness. Consider utilizing one when your team is overloaded or could use a fresh perspective.

If your company isn’t big enough to sustain its own full-time marketing department, you can easily elicit the talents of a freelancer—or form a virtual agency with a handful—to fill the gap, whether for one project or as a year-round resource.

How to Flourish in the Gig Economy

The dynamic of working with the self-employed has changed dramatically in recent years. Put your business at the forefront by gaining a thorough understanding of what that working relationship looks like in today’s gig economy.

Get everyone on the same page and gain invaluable insight with training programs tailored specifically to your company’s objectives and needs. Enhance the experience by adding private or group coaching sessions to your package.

Invest in your company and find success. Learn how to:

  • Embrace the new outsourcing business model

  • Understand freelance best practices and industry standards

  • Identify and locate quality talent

  • Set realistic expectations

  • Communicate effectively for best client/vendor relationship

Whether you’re chartering new waters in hiring independents or need an update on global independent standards, it’s essential you’re prepared. Ad agencies, design studios, corporations, small businesses, headhunters and the like can all benefit from this training and gain insider secrets, such as:

  • Insight on freelance rates and billing strategies

  • Understanding of common freelance policies and procedures

  • Strategies for how to best show you value your resource partners

  • Wisdom in where and how to find the best talent for your needs

  • Tips for developing and maintaining good relationships

One-on-One Consultation

Got questions? I’ve got answers! Choose in-person, over the phone, or through video conference call. Good for individual creative directors, marketing directors, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Onsite Training

From basic to intensive, these private workshops are customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. Ideal for teams of any size from start-ups and non-profits to ad agencies and corporations. Choose from 2-hour, half-day or full-day training packages.



With the purchase of any onsite package, get the added benefit of follow-up support post-training. Secure your very own exclusive go-to resource for any questions that may arise as well as guidance through specific situations going forward.