Born to Rock

I’m nowhere I thought I’d be and everywhere I’m supposed to be. My career path has taken all sorts of twists and turns and, I must say, I’m loving every minute of it!

I’m an advertising/marketing copywriter and proofreader by day and freelance rockstar by night.  

I started on the agency side, moved to corporate, back to agency, and then found my love for freelancing. Over the past 20+ years, I’ve worked with scores of clients and accounts, helping them achieve their promotional goals. And while I've won more than my fair share of awards for writing and creativity, I'm best known for starting The Freelance Exchange (FX).


Early in my career, I noticed there was a void for freelancers … a void in education, community, and even respect for the self-employed. So, I made it my personal mission to rectify that. In 2003, I founded FX—a community of advertising/marketing ‘solopreneurs’ that offers continuing education, mentoring, networking, social, and promotional opportunities. This collective also serves as Kansas City’s largest (and free!) resource for area ad agencies and businesses to find talent.

After starting the professional trade organization, I became the go-to resource on all things freelance. For years, I’ve regularly been sought out for mentoring, presentations, and media interviews. Then it dawned on me: this needs to be taught in the classroom!

So, in 2017, I developed a college-level course, Freelancing 101, and began teaching as an adjunct professor at the world-renowned Kansas City Art Institute. Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be teaching (a business class, at that!), but here I am … and absolutely loving it!

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Today, I’m writing, proofing, teaching and helping lead FX. I’ve also added business coaching and professional speaking to my repertoire, as it just makes sense. Through these avenues, I can continue to follow my passion of sharing the fundamental lessons of freelancing with self-employed professionals as well as the folks who hire them.

Stay tuned. The rockstar tour is just amping up. There’s plenty more to come.

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